Saturday, April 5, 2014


Welcome to my little corner! The Colorful Knot is a chance for me, Christine Buckingham to get my name out and all my ideas and patterns! You will find; free patterns, patterns to purchase(coming soon), fun discussions, and all my favorite things!

A little about me...
I am a wife-to-be to the most amazing man. I am currently unemployed but hoping not for long. I am a aunt to the sweetest and most beautiful little girl, Jasmine! My fiance has 8 nieces and nephews, who I love, adore and consider to be my own!  I am a HUGE family person. They are my entire world and they push me everyday to be the best I can be in what I love to do!

My mother, who is a published author/knitter/crocheter/photographer/blogger and an amazing mother! She is my biggest supporter and inspiration. She pushed a hook and a afghan project towards me one day and haven't been able to stop ever since!
My Beautiful Jasmine

My biggest passion, of course, is crochet. I am a brand new designer. I haven't published/sold anything yet, but i am hoping this little blog of mine will help! I love any and all fibers and I stitch/ create anything from baby beanies to dishcloths! I also enjoy, cross stitching, animals, warm weather, buttons and GLITTER! 
My mother and Inspiration 

I am just starting off, so please be patient with the amount of content, I promise, it will get bigger and better as the days go by! 

a small portion of my yarn obsession
My JustRight Dishcloths
Designed by: Deborah Ellis
Stitched by: Me